Kamilari, South Crete

Haus Anthemis




Tzortzakakis Nikolaos




67 sqm.


490 sqm.



The vacation house is situated on a slopping plot in the village of Kamilari that covers an area of 490,00 sqm.  Access to the plot is from one of the main roads of the village on its west side. The plot faces to the north, towards the magnificent view of the Psilorotis mountain range.

The ground level building is situated south on the plot, this way the outdoor area is placed on the north side where a sitting area and pool are formed. The outdoor areas split into two different levels, according to the natural slop of the ground surface.

The house is 67,00 sqm square meters and has the ability to accommodate up to four persons. The interior and exterior of the house was thoroughly planned, combining a variety of materials with unique constructions. The excellence of the construction is reflected in the way the sitting area of the living room is made up of “built” couches whose role is also to be used as beds when necessary. The use of concrete plaster on several walls of the bathroom and outdoor staircase compliments the décor of the house.  Indoors, the wooden roof top painted in shades of white combined with the walls painted in the same color brings out the simplicity and clarity of the design.

The owners, being environmentally aware as they are and sharing a love for nature, preserved the only existing olive tree of the plot. The setting of the house and pool was chosen with the condition that the tree would not be harmed. It adds an exquisite final touch to the complex. The remaining plants of the plot are herbs and flowers of the Cretan flora.

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