Kamilari, South Crete

Two villas in Kamilari




Spiridakis Vaggelis




128,20 sqm.


414,80 sqm.



In Southern Crete, near Kalamaki Beach, lays the village Kamilari. In the last years, the beauty and authenticity of this village provoked its visitors in a positive way and so many of them decided to build vacation homes there. This has resulted to the village becoming one of the most popular destinations in Southern Crete.

Through the narrow alleys of the village, lays a plot which is both hidden amongst trees and buildings but with an unlimited view towards the west. Plans for the construction of two independent vacation homes on this piece of land were developed. The primary target during this phase was to achieve spreading out the volume of the buildings according to the natural landscape in order for each house to obtain privacy.

While drawing up the plans of the houses, emphasis was given on the simplicity, the aesthetic and comfort of the tenants. Each house is 60 m2 and can accommodate two to four persons. Both houses have on their south side spacious outdoor areas, the direction of which is appropriate according to the weather conditions in Greece. For these reason most of the windows have been predicted towards the same direction. Outdoors, apart from the pergolas and BBQ, special constructions have been placed such as a Jacuzzi, creating a unique atmosphere to the complex.The elements of water throughout the premises, offers relaxation and a cool air, giving the tenants a sense of fulfillment.

The buildings break into different levels according to the slop of the plot, alternating with the built terraces, verandas and wooden pergolas. The outdoor design participates equally with the architectural design of the buildings in order for the final result to blend harmoniously with the natural landscape. The materials used are concrete, a local stone and wood.

The small villas, protected from the eye view of the people passing by and far away from the numerous tourists in the village, have all the potential for a quite stay.