Kamilari, South Crete

Two villas in Kamilari




Alevizakis Nikolaos




222,30 sqm.


1760,00 sqm.


In construction

In the heart of the village Kamilari,in South Crete , on a plot with an exceptionally good view towards the Psiloritis mountain range, lays a complex, consisted of two vacation houses of high standards. One of them is a ground level house of 100 sqm with the ability to accommodate five persons. The second house has the same potential with the difference that the rooms of the house are spread out on two levels instead of one. The total area of the second house is 123,00 sqm. Both houses have their own pool.

During the initial planning of the houses, emphasis was given on the simplicity of the design and to foresee where wide windows would be placed in order for natural light to enter the rooms. Furthermore, due to the position of the plot, which is situated opposite the Psiloritis mountain range, the wide windows offer a breathtaking view to its tenants.

In spite of the fact that the houses have a modern style to them, the use of natural stone on the exterior of some of the views has been foreseen. This results to the houses blending harmoniously to the natural landscape of the village.

The natural landscape of the plot determined the construction of the two houses on two different levels with an altitude difference amongst them. This way they gain autonomy and privacy, for each house has on its level their own parking space and outdoor areas.

The design of the houses is strengthened by an extremely high wall on the northern side of the plot. The high altitude difference, the open and unobstructed view towards the same direction, creates wide and open spaces in the houses, bringing on its tenants feelings of awe and freedom.