Sivas, South Crete

Restoration of traditional stone house




Ktistakis Michalis




161,95 sqm.


358,05 sqm.



In the traditional town of Sivas, hidden amongst the narrow roads of the village, an abandoned stone house was completely renovated and transformed into a holiday house that reaches high standards in both comfort and taste.

The plot is defined by three town streets. The house is placed on the west side of the plot, leaving free space on the east side. Keeping mainly the outer structure of the building, the interiors form changed, making room for a united kitchen-sitting room, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. All the windows are on the east side of the house overlooking the patio.

The interventions were done with the main principle being to respect the traditional style of the building and to show off the materials used, such as the visible wooden roof and the stone walls. The windows were replaced, due to irreversible damage of the former ones with new in a light green shade, giving a modern note to the traditional building.

The village of Sivas is entirely consisted of buildings with unique architecture. The renovations and expanding of these buildings have to comply with the building specifications of this village in regards to the choice of materials and there structural design.

During the renovation of this house, the owners played an important role with their careful choice of all the materials used and furniture placed, as well as with their fine taste.