Toylouze Maurice & Nelly Deguy




165.35 sqm.


3295 sqm.



The village of Lagolio is in Southern Crete, close to the beach of Kokkinos Pirgos. There one can find traditional, stone houses, built with the good taste and patience of another era. The village is ideal for those who seek peace and isolation, for there are few permanent residents and it has hardly any commercial shops

Nearby, a vacation home of high standards was constructed on a plot that covers an area of 3300 m2, surrounded by olive trees. The main intention of the architectural design was to create a “Mediterranean” destination, where its tenants could enjoy a combination of architecture and scenery that brings out the characteristics of the Mediterranean way of life through the continuous alternating between the “inside “ and the “outside”, the sun and the shadows.

The house was designed on a vertical level that ends up into the steep side of the plot, representing an architectural style that is far away from the solid, rigid buildings you often find in the Greek islands. All the day longing and rest areas are situated on the ground floor. To total area of the house is 170 m2 and can accommodate from eight to ten persons. It is consisted of four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a unified sitting area and kitchen with a fireplace and a storage room. A primary role is played by the view towards the sea and in the background the view of the small uninhabited islands of “Paximadia”.  Based on this all the areas of the house have a direction towards the view. Wide windows have been designed to create a united composition of the interior and exterior areas. The exterior stone lining of the walls has a key role in the design, because apart from the fact that it adds aesthetic to the building, it defines the exterior areas amongst themselves offering them more privacy.

The large pool, with the dimensions 12m x 5 m, has been constructed in a strategic point, in order for the tenants to enjoy the view towards the sea. Beside the pool lays a sitting area and a BBQ, protected from the sun with a metallic pergola. The pool helps form the weather conditions of the house because the vaporizing water offers it coolness. It creates a unique atmosphere in the area, with its water playing games along with the pools waterfall that works as an overflow.

The design is modern, simple and geometric. The light colored masses and transparent stones on the building, pergolas and sunshades, exterior staircases of stone and concrete, complete and “soften” the impact the bulk building has on its visitor, as they play with the shadows and filter the sunlight