” I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster and leaves less room for lies.”

Arch2Crete is an architecture studio founded by two young people, Terzaki  Maria and Nikos Savvakis. The aim of the studio is to bring fresh and modern ideas in the architecture field but at the same time to respect the tradition and natural landscape of Crete.

Our office offers services to each client, from the first stages that the initial plans take place right up to the conclusion of the construction. We mainly work on private projects, permanent and vacation homes, restitution of old buildings, hotel complexes as well as buildings of professional purpose.

Our goal is every project to be unique and that it meets the expectations and needs of every client.  Our office’s principle is to thoroughly look into every structural detail and emphasizes on functional plans, on highlighting local details and using up to date materials.

We offer advice for those that wish to purchase property, giving the necessary information about their building potential.  We make sure that the clients feel safe and confident about the choices they make.


Arch2Crete Team

Savvakis Nikos

Civil Engineer NTUA

Terzaki Maria

Civil Engineer University of Thesali

Mparitaki Roula

Operation assistant